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Blue Chip Dynamic
Blue Chip Dynamic is a suppliment appropriate for all horses and ponies and especially for growing youngsters. competition horses and veterans. The advanced Dynamic formular helps to maintain healthy bones, plus strong and flexible joints.

In particularly, Dynamic has the necessary ingredients to improve fertility and investigations have demonstrated significant increase in the quantity and quality of sperm resulting from adding this to the diet.
Preço Eng: 65,72€ €
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Blue Chip Karma
Karma is a product that should be available in every stable yard. A completely natural Equine Calmer for the more stressful moments. It helps control the emission of adrenalin minimizing excitment, tension and anxiety. It is composed of the correct propotions of natural nutrients to help control bloodpressure and relax muscles, creates a healthy nervous system thereby reducing negative responses and resulting in horses becoming easier to ride and train.
Preço Eng: 35,00€ €
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Blue Chip Professional
This supplement is for very active horses.
Blue Chip Pro is composed of appropriate natural ingredients and each lot is tested to ensure that it is completely free of cafeine and theobromine.
Many riders in high levels of competition have achieved excellent results including Gold Medals in the Olympics on horses fed with Blue Chip Pro!
Preço Eng: 62,54€ €
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Bluechip Original
Blue Chip Original is a supplement composed of natural ingredients to ensure good digestion and a diet balancer. It offers a complete dietary package for horses and ponies in light to medium work. It includes a suppliment for hooves, Sound Hoof and a respiratory suppliment, Primo Vent as well as probiótics to optimise the digestive system. An ideal complement for a diet rich in fibre or in conjunction with appropriate concentrates.
Preço Eng: 59,36€ €
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