Zolista available to cover Spring 2012!

Emergosol´s core business is to export fruit and vegetables from portuguese growers.  Our activities were initiated in 2003 and as an extension to this activity, we started to breed Lusitano horses at our yard situated in Palhagueiras, Torres Vedras.

We now have 7 pure-bred lusitano graded mares and Zolista, our black, graded, Ortigão Costa stallion.  Zolista is now competing PSG dressage at National level and we have youngstock showing top dressage potential for sale by him.

Our horses are being well received throughout Europe and we are receiving great references from our Clients.  If you are looking for a Lusitano horse for dressage or purely for leisure, please contact us for horses with excellent temperments and movement of various colours.


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