Zolista available to cover Spring 2012!
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Now progressing very well with his dressage career, this tall and athletic gelding is a credit to our stables. Outstanding, kind nature and excellent paces - a joy in every way.
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Elegante is 16hh and has now started his Dressage career and is being well placed with scores over 65% With outstanding presence and paces, this stallion will be covering mares for Emergosol in the future.
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Bred by Jorge Ortigão Costa, this top quality, Black Stallion is now covering the Emergosol mares. At the same time, his Dressage career is progressing being ridden by Emma Rogers. Zolista has achieved dressage scores in the mid 60's and is now prepared to compete at level PSJ. With perfect manners, this graded stallion is available at Stud.
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